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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 23, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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on our broadcast tonight, ebola scare. a doctor here in new york rushed to the hospital with ominous symptoms after he treated ebola patients in africa. moment of crisis, the startling new images released tonight showing the gunman storming canada's seat of power. and tonight, the man who stopped him is being hailed as a national hero. taking action, the high school changing its plans for an artificial turf field after seeing our report on the potential health risks. tonight, our follow-up. and "making a difference," the seeds so many of you helped a young girl plant, assuring that hundreds wouldn't go hungry. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian
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williams. good evening. and tonight ebola has come roaring back into the news. all it took was a suspected case in the nation's largest population center, new york city. a doctor has been hospitalized here in new york tonight. he is sick. and he is just back from treating ebola patients in west africa. while there have been a number of false alarms in recent days, the risk of an active ebola case in the crowded home to 8 million people has indeed set off alarms. and this case is being taken seriously. nbc's katy tur is outside bellevue hospital where the doctor who is now a patient is being treated in isolation. katy, good evening. >> reporter: brian, it's important to note that tests are still being done. we won't know for sure for another six to 12 hours. but city officials say they are taking this very seriously.
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they're treating it as if it is in fact ebola. sources in the city also tell us it is a 33-year-old man who was an er doctor at columbia presbyterian who just returned from west africa and called health officials earlier today saying that he had a 103 degree fever. sources tell nbc news dr. craig spencer called the department of health at 11:52 this morning complaining of fever, nausea and fatigue. the d.o.h. then called 911 and emergency workers determined his symptoms were consistent with ebola and sent a hazmat team to rush him from his harlem home to bellevue hospital. >> weeks and weeks of preparation have paid off. and a very seamless operation was undertaken today. >> reporter: dr. spencer has been back in the u.s. for ten days since working with doctors without borders in guinea, africa, where he was treating ebola patients. in a statement the organization said the individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported this development immediately. this afternoon the white house was also briefed. >> it's very preliminary, from what i understand right now. and this is an individual who is being evaluated.
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>> reporter: sources say dr. spencer did not self-quarantine until he started feeling sick this morning adding that last night he took a taxi from manhattan to a bowling alley in brooklyn. the new york health department said it is tracing everyone the patient has had contact with to see if they are at risk. and now sources say his girlfriend is in quarantine. tonight in harlem dr. spencer's apartment is sealed off and his neighbors put on alert. pamphlets have also been distributed as a precaution. bellevue hospital has been designated as an ebola treatment center in new york city. last week it showed reporters the steps it has been taking to prepare. and remember we are still awaiting test results. those should come in in the next six to 12 hours. health officials stress this could also be malaria, it could also be salmonella or even the stomach flu. brian. >> katy tur here in new york tonight starting us off. katy, thanks. there is also something else developing also in new york
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tonight where a police officer with the nypd has been attacked with a hatchet. and after killing the suspect, police have now sent out a patrol bulletin in case the officer was targeted somehow as a uniformed officer in light of yesterday's attack in canada. now we go to canada where late today investigators release chilling detail video showing the gunman fleeing a murder scene on his way to what then became a deadly gunfight inside canada's halls of power. we get our report tonight from nbc's kevin tibbles. kevin, good evening. >> reporter: brian, it has been a day of mourning and resolve here in the canadian capital as authorities release that video of the terror attack and vow to remain vigilant. seconds after gunning down a canadian soldier, a dashboard camera captures the gunman as he commandeers a car. then security camera video shows
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the car speeding towards parliament hill from multiple angles. the car pulls up, the gunman gets out and runs toward the parliament building as frightened bystanders run for cover. he hijacks another car. the driver runs away. and the gunman pulls up to the front of the building. from the war memorial he made his way here to the house of parliament where he entered right through the front door. there is security, but it's also where every canadian knows they are welcome. once inside, he shot his way down the main hallway. he passed right by rooms where the prime minister and members of parliament were gathered. some used chairs to barricade the doors. in the hall outside, a bullet lodged. sergeant at arms kevin vickers shot the gunman dead outside the library at the far end of the building. this was vickers yesterday shortly after the incident, a former policeman, gun drawn. today, parliament hailed vickers as a hero.
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and sang the national anthem. canada is in mourning, but unbowed. >> let there be no misunderstanding, we will not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated. >> reporter: the gunman, 32-year-old michael zehaf-bibeau is said to have recently converted to islam. he had a criminal record and u.s. officials say he had some links to known jihadists. he was considered a high risk traveler. today, his mother condemned his actions. if i am crying, it is for the people, not my son, she said. >> i think yesterday we lost our innocence. we've seen things happen in other parts of the world. but it's a classic, that can't happen here, well, it has happened here. >> reporter: prime minister harper laid a wreath at the war memorial where army corporal nathan cirillo was gunned down, shot in the back. others came with flowers of remembrance and tears. why was it important for you to come here? >> to show that i wasn't afraid.
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that canada's not afraid. >> reporter: the gunman had been staying in a local homeless shelter. he was armed with a .30-caliber hunting rifle, which was legal. meanwhile, brian, condolences continue to pour in from around the world including from queen elizabeth, canada's monarch, who said she was shocked when she heard the news. brian. >> kevin tibbles in ottawa for us tonight. kevin, thanks. one image from today perfectly captures the sorrow being felt in canada over corporal nathan cirillo's death. it comes from the drawing board of bruce mckennan, editorial cartoonist for the halifax herald, depicting world war i soldiers on the canadian war memorial. that was the military reservist post at the time of his death. they are reaching down to him in his final moments. and security in washington at the white house is again in question tonight after a man scaled the fence and made it to the white house lawn before
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being taken down by two dogs from the canine unit. it's the second incident at the white house involving this suspect in recent months. nbc's kristen welker is on that very north lawn for us tonight. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. while the secret service response last night is earning high praise, there is concern today because this is the seventh time a jumper has made it inside the fence this year. the latest white house fence jumper, 23-year-old dominic adesanya, shown on this fox news video punching and kicking two secret service dogs, hurricane and jordan, who ultimately took him down. the president was home at the time. >> everybody out right now! >> reporter: it's a stark contrast to last month when the president was away, a man jumped over the fence and no dogs were released. that jumper made it all the way inside the white house. today, high praise for
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hurricane, jordan and their human partners. >> these are individuals who literally at a moment's notice are prepared to spring into action. >> reporter: adesanya left arm bandaged, seemed agitated in court today. records show he was arrested for trying to jump a barrier outside the white house. >> had this person been a real terrorist, been carrying real weapons, been a real threat, it's not clear that simply stopping him inside of the fence is going to remove that threat. >> if we can send a man to the moon, we ought to be able to guard the white house realms. >> reporter: now, among the charges, two counts assaulting a police officer, the dogs. he did not enter a plea and will undergo a court-ordered mental screening. the two service dogs, hurricane and jordan, are back on duty tonight. brian. >> kristen welker for us at the white house. a powerful storm, a nor'easter is still churning in this part of the country tonight. the view from high above shows the extent of this storm, the grounding counterclockwise system making its way through new england now. today it brought strong winds, driving rains, punishing surf and floods. it forced schools and businesses
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to close and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people in massachusetts and maine mostly. a follow-up tonight on an nbc news investigation we aired about thousands of artificial turf fields and the concern some pediatricians, scientists and parents have expressed about the use of recycled tires in them. since that report we visited a school outside seattle that decided it needed to take action as a direct result. nbc's stephanie gosk has our report. >> reporter: at kennedy catholic high school, football practice kicked off with a few midfield snow angels. what better way to break in a brand-new turf field. feel good? >> oh, it's beautiful. >> reporter: yeah? >> you can't believe what we've been on. this used to be a swamp here. >> reporter: this small catholic school just outside seattle was forced to play home games down the road until enough money was raised, $2.4 million for a new field.
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school officials chose crumb rubber turf, shredded car and truck tires used to fill the space between artificial blades of grass. how many days away were you from putting it down? >> three days away. >> reporter: but the principal pulled the plug after seeing the nbc news investigation into the surface. >> it's about artificial turf. >> reporter: a college soccer coach started asking questions about the turf when two of her own players were diagnosed with cancer. there's no research directly linking crumb rubber to cancer. but some pediatricians, scientists and advocacy groups believe more research needs to be done. >> my reaction was we can't put this on our field. >> reporter: his son plays on the team, along with other parents with kids at the school, have been sharing concerns on facebook. >> do we really want our kids, whether they're little toddlers on playgrounds or even older kids playing on these fields? >> reporter: in a setting numerous studies the synthetic turf council says no negative health effects associated with crumb rubber in synthetic turf.
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but the principal wanted an alternative. instead of shredded tires being used as a base, it uses something called nike grind, recycled sneakers. the athletic company does not provide a detailed chemical makeup for niek grind, but says it is compliant with consumer product guidelines, which put stricter safety controls on sneakers than those regulating tires. toxicologists point out there have been no safety studies done testing inhalation and ingestion of the product. there are also other alternatives including organic options like coconut husks and cork. all are more expensive than recycled tires. nike grind costs the school an additional $40,000 but it's money well-spent says the coach. >> bottom line is when it comes down to it, you put your head on your pillow at night, what is best for your student athletes. and here at kennedy catholic we think this is the best option and that's why we went with it. >> reporter: the only concern he wants to have is trying to get
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to the state championships. stephanie gosk, nbc news, washington. across the country tonight the skies above us are making news. we're catching the tail end of a spectacular show in the sky tonight. this is a live picture, a partial solar eclipse where the moon blocks out part of the sun. visible late this afternoon and early this evening. and where there are cloudless skies, virtually the entire country will have a view of this one. still ahead for us on a thursday evening, if you're among the millions affected by this airbag recall, can your dealer take you right away or will there be a wait for the fix? and later, it started with one vegetable garden, but you helped to grow it into so much more.
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we are back now with more on that massive defective airbag recall affecting as many as 16 million cars worldwide. all of us who drive the affected vehicles are being told to get it fixed right away. and we're now being told not to allow front seat passengers until it gets fixed. but the problem is supplies are limited. an update on this tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: after four deaths and dozens of injuries, today many dealers say they don't have the replacement airbag parts and don't know when they will. in texas, chrysler dealer david tremor says it could take months. >> b as far as what we're getting from the manufacturers, there's nothing. >> reporter: for drivers,
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growing anxiety. russ's bmw is on the recall list. a top executive at the insurance institute for highway safety, he's not taking any chances. >> i'm planning to get my car fixed next week, but until then i'm not going to put anybody in the passenger seat. >> reporter: under fire, the national highway traffic safety administration, or nhtsa which earlier this week urged drivers in humid climates to get their cars fixed fast since humidity is thought to play a role in the defect. nhtsa then raised the number of affected drivers in those humid states. today, two democratic senators wrote the secretary of transportation alarmed by nhtsa's confusing and conflicting advice singling out humid states, they say, makes no sense. >> there needs to be a national recall. and car owners need to be provided with loaners or rental cars at no cost to them. >> reporter: with so many makes and models on the recall, tonight owners are urged to check if their car is on the list and make a service appointment with their dealer. but be prepared to wait. tom costello, nbc news, washington.
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it was during the invasion of baghdad in 2003, a fierce fire fight broke out at a highway overpass near the airport. nbc news cameraman craig white recorded the battle which included the story of bob gallagher, wounded in the leg, two purple hearts right there on just the first day of the invasion, dragging his leg he stayed in the fight while his wounds were treated. and he stayed in the war picking up an additional silver star and two bronze stars for his combat action. well, today we learned of the death of command sergeant major bob gallagher, the decorated veteran of the invasions of
7:22 pm
panama, mogadishu including blackhawk down and war in iraq died at home in georgia of a heart ailment. he was 52 years old. and with his death the u.s. army has lost one of its very best. reynolds american tobacco, the maker of camel cigarettes, banning smoking in their offices and buildings. starting 2015 it will be banned from all indoor areas except designated smoking lounges. company says it's keeping with "the realities of what you're seeing in society today". mark zuckerberg wowed an audience in beijing yesterday by doing this. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> he started speaking in mandarin. while he started by saying my chinese is terrible, the college students gaffed when they heard him speaking their language. he explained his wife is chinese and grew up speaking it at home. he says his chinese is terrible, but he likes a challenge. he would also of course love to reopen facebook in china where
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it's been banned since '09. if you watched last night's world series game, then you saw him. marlins man, the guy in the orange jersey behind home plate. the kansas city royals saw he was in the camera shot and tried everything to move him out of there, including the offer of a private suite. nothing doing because this is what he does. he is a single lawyer from miami who likes to spend his money on tickets and travel. and he likes to be on tv. as we found over and over in our sports archives. so look for him in future games right there behind home plate. when we come back here tonight, making a difference, one girl and a garden to feed the hungry. how you helped it grow and grow some more. ♪ people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine
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tonight's story about a 10-year-old girl with a big dream who just needed to plant a small seed and watch it grow. we get her story tonight from nbc's natalie morales. >> reporter: it's harvest time. what do you love to grow? >> i really like doing potatoes. >> reporter: a backyard bounty all for the hungry inspired for another katy hundreds of miles away. we first met her five years ago. >> my dream was no hunger children. >> reporter: she started with a small cabbage seedling that grew to more than 40 pounds and donated it along with the rest of her garden vegetables to a local soup kitchen. and that got her thinking. >> i want to be able to grow more and more vegetables so i can help feed more and more people. >> reporter: that one garden became five gardens to feed the hungry in her home state of south carolina. for katie her dream of feeding the hungry has grown and grown. there are now 75 youth-run gardens in 27 states.
7:28 pm
but she's not stopping there. her new goal, 500 gardens in all 50 states. >> it all started with a seed. >> reporter: her work caught the attention of a president. and katie was honored in 2012 with the clinton global citizen award. >> once a dream of mine is now becoming a reality. kids in other states are now starting gardens benefitting those in need in their communities. >> reporter: what do you want to do? >> if we empower other kids and inspire other people, hopefully we can make a change. i'm really into botany. >> reporter: like katie in maryland. how much have you grown have you been able to give to the local food bank? >> i've given over 150 pounds. now, how many people do you think one garden can help feed? >> reporter: katie's dream to end hunger is now reaching a global audience in the documentary "the starfish
7:29 pm
throwers." >> when i planted that seed, i didn't think any of this would happen. >> reporter: a young girl growing a big dream. natalie morales, nbc news, bethesda, maryland. great way to end our thursday night broadcast. thank you for being with us. i'm brian williams. of course we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.
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. >> i feel like i'm numb. >> we know she likes black. here's hoping theresa looks good in orange. she is headed to the same prison upon which the show is ba


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